Goshen Resources

Goshen is more than a building. We are not a club or an organization. We are family and part of the body of Christ. As such we lift each other up when we are down, encourage each other when we are weary, and share our triumphs when things go well. Many times we help each other just by pointing another in the right direction.

  • Prayer Requests

    Prayer is an amazing gift we have been given by God. It is the avenue through which we communicate with our Creator and connect with Him on a personal, intimate level. It’s not just about what we want. Prayer is about getting to a place where we want what God wants for us. There is power, strength, and hope in prayer. And we want to pray alongside you for all that God has in store for your life.

    If you have a prayer request, please let us know. Simply click the link, fill out the form and the prayer ministry will bring your concern before the Lord.

  • Baby Dedication

    At Goshen, we have baby dedications to allow parents the opportunity to publicly join in a covenant with God, their children and our church family. Baby dedications are essentially committing yourself as parents to follow Jesus, to model the Christian life and shepherd their children to know and love Jesus. Baby dedications should not be viewed as a replacement for baptism - we pray your children will develop a relationship with Christ and, at some point, choose to get baptized. Nor is it a magical means of salvation/protection for your child. Baby dedication is simply an outward act of the parents' inward commitment. If you wish to have your child dedicated to the Lord, please click the link and fill out our form.

  • Baptism

    Interested in being Baptized? Click the link and complete the form and a member of our Pastoral Team will contact and meet with you to discuss the next steps in your new walk with Christ.

  • Membership Transfer

    Interested in Joining the Goshen Family? Click the link and complete the form and our Church Clerk staff will assist you in the next step in your transfer process.

  • Benevolence Request Form

    The purpose of the Benevolence Fund is to provide financial aid to an individual who is in need on an urgent basis. The Benevolence Fund may not be applicable for cases which need long-term financial support. Goshen's Benevolence Fund is granted on the basis of merit to help see the primary short-term need. If you need assistance for an urgent financial short-term need, click the link and fill out the application and our leadership team will get in touch with you on the next steps in the process.

  • Facility Rental

    Thank you for your interest in renting space for your event at Goshen, located in Chicago, IL. Please click the link and fill out all of the relevant information on our application and submit this form so that we can determine the rental rate for your event.